Redcoders Frenzy  

The Tiny Core Round

Organiser: John Metcalf

The opening round will take place using the tiny hill parameters. Each player may enter up to two warriors. All warriors will play in a round robin tournament with no self-fights, three points for a win, one point for a tie. A player's score is that of his highest scoring warrior.

pmars -s 800 -p 800 -c 8000 -l 20 -d 20 -P

Look what scores well on Koenigstuhl's infinite tiny hill, find out how it works, and then try to beat it! Look what hasn't been tried in tiny yet, then give it a try. Entries to please.
PINs are not allowed. Other forms of hand-shaking are fine. Entries will be made public soon after the results are announced. If entering two warriors, please make sure they really are different, not the same program with different steps, distances, etc.

In all 15 authors submitted a total of 27 warriors for the initial round of the tournament. Of these, 8 were evolved and the remaining 19 hand-coded. The hand-written warriors were represented by 4 oneshots, 4 scanners, 3 papers, 3 clears, 3 stones, 1 p-spacer and 1 anti-oneshot.
The warriors were played in a round robin tournament taking just under 8 minutes to complete.
Without further ado, the results. Congratulations to all taking part:

158.230.311.5WingShot TBen Ford186.18100.0
256.426.617.0Evolving ThreatDave Hillis186.1399.9
354.835.99.3t766--Michal Janeczek173.7193.3
448.026.026.0VenomBen Ford169.9891.3
552.335.012.8s774++Michal Janeczek169.5791.1
652.435.312.3Dettol Test 487Steve Gunnell169.4591.0
751.335.613.2Tiny TalonRobert Macrae166.9489.7
849.634.915.5Evolver 1100 x 500Martin Ankerl164.2688.2
935.413.950.6RaspLeonardo H. Liporati156.9484.3
1046.341.212.5Tiny FreezeLukasz Grabun151.4681.3
1144.438.417.3Imp .X-ingDave Hillis150.3180.7
1237.526.735.8Stolen1Robert Macrae148.3079.7
1345.643.910.4clear skiesSimon Wainwright147.2979.1
1444.946.48.7Djinn Test Tiny 326Steve Gunnell143.3277.0
1540.840.918.4Squirm13Philip Thorne140.6175.5
1638.641.519.8Mighty MouseWinston Featherly-Bean135.7272.9
1840.148.911.0The WaspLukasz Grabun131.2770.5
1937.949.113.0rickety old redcodeSimon Wainwright126.8068.1
2037.652.59.9SzczurArek Paterek122.8166.0
2233.952.313.8EuthinPhilip Thorne115.6362.1
2334.052.813.331133-61360-1017455494Paul Drake115.2461.9
2431.457.311.3Primordial ClearWinston Featherly-Bean105.4156.6
2516.632.950.5Rubber SnakeCompudemon100.3853.9
2625.661.113.39101-61316-1017454713Paul Drake90.1648.4
2719.150.230.7Snow CastleCompudemon88.0547.3

WingShot T takes first place for Ben Ford, a fraction of a point ahead of Dave Hillis's Evolving Threat. WingShot is a .8c BiShot style scanner. Evolving Threat is an evolved paper which has been evolved further against warriors from Koenigstuhl's tiny hill. Next is t766-- by Michal Janeczek, a backwards scanning oneshot.
A little further down, another 5 authors make the top 10. First we have Steve Gunnell's oneshot, Dettol Test, followed by a scanner, Tiny Talon, from Robert Macrae. A warrior evolved by Martin Ankerl is next.
After this comes Leonardo Liporati's Rasp which is the original tiny qscan -> paper. This is followed by Tiny Freeze, Lukasz Grabun's scanner.