Redcoders Frenzy   

The Tri-Tiny Round

Organiser: John Metcalf


Battles will take place within an 800 cell tiny core. Empty core will be initialised with dat 1,1 - lovers of djn.f beware! Each battle will be a multi-warrior fight between three warriors, with 8 points for a win, 2 points for a 2-way tie, and just 1 point for a 3-way tie. All combinations of three warriors will be played. Competitor's are allowed to enter up to three warriors. The first entry can use up to 20 instructions, the second must be 10 instructions or less, and the final entry no more than 5 instructions. Good luck :-)

Coresize:        800
Max. processes:800
Max. cycles:16000
Max. length:20 / 10 / 5
Min. distance: 25
Points per win:8
Points per 2 way tie:2
Points per 3 way tie:1
Points per loss: 0

There's a version of pMARS for Windows that initialises core to dat 1,1 instead of dat 0,0 here. And the required DLL.

A server version is here.

For all other Systems the pMars 0.9.2 for self-compilers with dat 1,1 initialisation is here


Altogether, 16 authors enter a total of 45 warriors - giving 14190 combinations of 3 different warriors. After 14 hours and 27 minutes, a winner is revealed. Dave Hillis claims first place with his evolved Wild Equilibria. Second place is taken by Christian Schmidt with his hand-coded evolved-style paper followed by David Moore in third place with a two-shot scanner.

#%W%L%T2%T3Name AuthorScore%
129.427.425.717.6 Wild EquilibriaDave Hillis304.14100.0
228.728.326.516.5 fizWallChristian Schmidt299.3898.4
333.240.56.719.6 little goonieDavid Moore298.2798.1
427.323.529.219.9 Wilt ;)G.Labarga296.8397.6
527.026.027.619.4 HopeRoy van Rijn290.4995.5
627.128.624.819.6 fizUncleChristian Schmidt285.8694.0
727.231.124.317.4 CurlySascha Zapf283.5593.2
824.426.128.321.2 Tiny U-LatZul Nadzri272.7389.7
925.430.825.618.2 Switch'emRoy van Rijn272.4789.6
1030.649.05.714.7 Sunbeam ScanSimon Wainwright271.1389.1
1124.426.727.321.6 Die EasyJakub Kozisek271.1089.1
1222.120.334.023.6 U-Lat IIZul Nadzri268.5988.3
1329.352.17.710.9 Metcalf's OoS verbatimJoonas Pihlaja260.4985.6
1424.341.021.413.3 Shock.rBen Ford250.3982.3
1516.116.939.127.9 goonie food BDavid Moore234.5777.1
1623.243.911.521.4 Freeze 2David Houston230.0575.6
1715.818.538.127.6 goonie food ADavid Moore229.9575.6
1823.150.18.418.3 FeeFiPhilip Thorne220.3372.4
1922.549.910.716.8 NaH-CO3G.Labarga218.6471.9
2022.350.88.218.7 rice clearSimon Wainwright213.1570.1
2117.737.924.819.6 FiFoPhilip Thorne210.9869.4
2222. Scissor SealantDave Hillis206.8168.0
2312.520.439.427.7 Imp-punchG.Labarga206.2867.8
2415.438.624.321.7 Tri Warrior 2 (10 lines)Simon Duff193.3663.6
2519.855.49.814.9 SaboVampireLukasz Adamowski193.2663.5
2620.060.87.911.4 Mr. Proper(TM)Jakub Kozisek186.8161.4
2719.360.09.311.3 clearerWill 'Varfar'184.5160.7
2818.657.88.914.7 MiniNiXJakub Kozisek181.3759.6
2917.557.012.113.3 MoeSascha Zapf177.8958.5
3017.255.610.017.1 Tiny clearDavid Houston175.1357.6
3116.665.39.48.7 Juicy DomesdayDave Hillis160.1452.7
326.619.332.042.1 Ties R UsJoonas Pihlaja159.0952.3
3312.048.814.924.3 Tri Warrior 1 (20 lines)Simon Duff150.0249.3
348.237.929.025.0 Tri Warrior 3 (5 lines)Simon Duff148.4348.8
3514.463.59.812.3 fizGhostChristian Schmidt146.7948.3
3614.766.09.310.0 SaboClearLukasz Adamowski146.5748.2
3713.463.614.18.9 5LShotRoy van Rijn144.3747.5
388.456.919.015.7 devilishDavid Houston121.0139.8
397.560.816.215.6 DjnnerWill 'Varfar'107.6635.4
404.947.018.030.2 imp-clearerWill 'Varfar'105.0334.5
411.439.113.745.9 FoFumPhilip Thorne84.0427.6
420.547.98.842.8 SabotageLukasz Adamowski64.6721.3
431.155.611.931.4 I Love OneShotZul Nadzri63.8021.0
440.350.78.740.3 YieldStoneJoonas Pihlaja60.2319.8
452.388.73.25.7 LarrySascha Zapf30.9210.2