Redcoders Frenzy   

The Holding Hands Round

Organiser: Will Varfar


You enter one or two warriors. In the case of you entering a pair of warriors, they will share pspace (if the same PIN number is used) and always be in rounds together

The highest scoring warrior of each contestant shall be counted for the rankings

MARS spec
max processes10000
max length100
min distance200

The scoring is: 3 for a win, 1 for two-way tie, 0 for a three-way or four-way tie, 0 for loss

The pmars commandline will therefore be:
pmars -s 55440 -c 500000 -p 10000 -l 100 -d 200 [] []

Recent Entries

Scores Matrix
Zul NadzriChristian SchmidtJoshua HudsonRoy van RijnLukasz AdamowskiGermán Labarga
Left HandRight HandHe Bombs AloneShreckUnitialized PointerCynabacteriaLord HellhoundSlave of HellhoundLonelyNeomate1Neomate2
Zul Nadzri 06503692217056
Christian Schmidt 743115044139102332155
Joshua Hudson 10957917812241475358212
Roy van Rijn 2602533401442111980368463
Lukasz Adamowski 24824959938582804886454610448
Germán Labarga 1091172529435368213263262
SUM: 63463217708661691444283377992017381334

1stRoy van RijnLord Hellhound2833100%
2ndChristian SchmidtHe Bombs Alone177062.47%
3rdGermán LabargaNeomate1173861.34%
4thJoshua HudsonCynabacteria144450.97%
Germán LabargaNeomate2133447.08%
5thLukasz AdamowskiLonely92032.47%
Christian SchmidtShreck86630.57%
Roy van RijnSlave of Hellhound77927.49%
6thZul NadzriLeft Hand63422.38%
Zul NadzriRight Hand63222.31%
Joshua HudsonUnitialized Pointer1695.97%