Redcoders Frenzy   

The Limited Distance Round

Organiser: Christian Schmidt


Coresize: 8000
Max. processes: 800
Max. cycles: 100000
Read limit: 800
Write limit: 800
Max. length: 100
Min. distance: 800
Rounds: 200
Points per win: 3
Points per tie: 1
Points per loss: 0

You need for this round CoreWin 2.0


Using write and read limitations needs totally different strategies. This will be really a round in a not well discovered field.

Well, as Dave figured out in his posting on r.g.c., the read/write limitation in CoreWin is totally different to that what was discussed as a possible pmars extension.

It's like a core inside a core. All values will be wrapped. Let's have a look to the following example. x is the given value of the b-field and y is the cell where the copied jmp #0 will appear.

0000    mov.i  1,  x
0001    jmp    #0

 x       y
400     400
401    7601
799    7999
800       0
1200    400
This means, that we can let run for example a coreclear without any problems. And also all other strategies are possible. Only imps are a bit trickier because the impstep must be smaller than 400.

But we must keep in mind that we are sitting in a 'core inside a core'. For a paper that isn't a problem, they can easily copy itself through the core, but in the case of a scanner or a stone it's more difficult. Because they are usually stationary. But under the r/w limits they wouldn't be able to beat anything. So, what to do? Well, we must replicate them too :) There are two possibilities to do that.

1. Using a silk-style engine using parallel processes

2. Single process replication

For replicating a scanner the second one seems the better choice, while the first one seems better for selfe-splitting stones and clears.

The p-space can be therefor used to syncronize all your copies around the core and/or to detect a damaged copy for self-repairing.

Here is a zip-file with a collection of old 94x (with write limits) entries.


Roy van Rijn's non-standard paper Sunrise claims first place followed by Christian Schmidt with a similar non-standard paper and David Houston with a silk-style paper. Zul Nadzri send the only p-warrior in this round while Christian Schmidt the only scanner hopper and Dave Hillis the only two evovled warriors.

1103501565SunriseRoy van Rijn179.62100.0
274641850OrcChristian Schmidt157.2387.5
38333881379rerunDavid Houston149.1583.0
458322015U-Lat IIZul Nadzri144.7780.6
5538292033Sleep all day...John Metcalf140.2778.1
66523411607D-Clear reGenRoy van Rijn137.0476.3
75404651595TraumaZul Nadzri123.6568.8
86157581227rdrc: Hermetic VisitationDave Hillis118.1565.8
92651282207SpriteChristian Schmidt115.4664.3
102381342228rdrc: Eric DevourDave Hillis113.1563.0
114466251529Thirty SecondPhilip Thorne110.2761.4
124247011475Twenty One of Everything is a Good ThingWill Varfar105.6558.5
132591621720Clearly Ineffective!John Metcalf57.5832.1