Redcoders Frenzy   

The Laughing-Loser Round

Organiser: Michal Janezcek


Coresize: 8000
Max. processes: 8
Max. cycles: 80000
Max. length: 200
Min. distance: 200
Rounds: 2000

- Each battle will be a fight between two warriors with a neutral program (the counter) present in the core.

- The first warrior which modifies counter's code before it (the counter) dies, gets 0 points, and the other warrior gets 2 points.

- The first warrior which dies after the counter, gets 3 points, and the other warrior gets 0 points.

- If one of warriors happens to be killed before the counter's death, then it will get 0 points, and the other warrior will get 1 point.

- If both warriors survive until end of the round, each will get 1 point.

- At the beginning of each round p-space cell 0 will contain number of points awarded in the previous round decreased by number of points awarded to the opponent. The exception is the first round, when -4 will be stored.

;name counter
;author mj
;assert 1

    mov ptr , >ptr
    mov ptr , {ptr
cnt djn -2  , #-5
ptr dat -3  , 2

Here is the simulator Michal promised to make. One is modified source code, and the other is compiled windows executable.

The usage is:

exhaust war1.rc war2.rc [-r xxx]

The load files (*.rc) can be generated by pmars:

pmars -r 0 > war1.rc

If you use PIN, you will have to manually insert it into the load file.


The results are here. More details about the battles here. You can find all entries as one zip-file here.

1TumziZul Nadzri43810100.0
2Opening SalvoChip Wendell3110171.0
3UnderlingDavid Houston2762263.0
4Like glicerine for constipationG.Labarga2652960.6
5Glicerine assistantG.Labarga2119148.4
6MeanieDavid Houston2061847.1
7EntrapmentLukasz Adamowski1743239.8
8Fat BastardRoy van Rijn1571035.9
9Suicidal FuseChristian Schmidt1307529.8
10No offense and can't countRoy van Rijn935021.3
11finderWill 'Varfar'42389.7
12slave for TumziZul Nadzri1240.3