Redcoders Frenzy   

The Extended '88 Round

Organiser: John Metcalf


Coresize: 8000
Max. processes: 8000
Max. cycles: 80000
Max. length: 100
Min. distance: 100
Rounds: 1000

Round 14 of the Redcoder Frenzy Tournament will take place using standard '88 rules, with one small extension - the LDP and STP instructions are included. The addressing modes valid for LDP and STP are indentical to those available to MOV within the '88 standard, i.e. #$@< for the a-field and $@< for the b-field.

Now is your chance to use those specialist components, which crush their intended target, but fail miserably against almost everything else. Bomb-dodgers, anti-vamp, CLP, and more... 1000 rounds will be fought for each battle.

Below is a simple switcher to get you started. Simply create two components and place the labels w1 and w2 at their entry points.
; switch on loss or tie

res: ldp #0,      res
str: ldp pkey,    0
     cmp #1,      res
     add #4000,   str
     stp str,     pkey
     slt #3999,   str
     jmp w2
pkey:jmp w1,      #47
     end res
'88 newbie hint: DAT 0,0 is not valid code in '88. Be aware DAT #0,#0 will be detected by an opponent with a CMP-scanner.


#%W%L%TName AuthorScore%
136.310.453.2 unheard-of '88Christian Schmidt162.28100.0
238.917.743.4 The Next Step '88David Houston160.2098.7
337.421.241.4 The SeedRoy van Rijn153.6194.7
438.926.934.3 Borrow before Tomorrow!Roy van Rijn150.8893.0
539.331.229.5 Plus ultraG.Labarga147.4690.9
637.234.128.8 AddendumG.Labarga140.2486.4
721.343.934.8 StaperLukasz Adamowski98.7060.8
819.650.529.9 Plagarismo 2Zul Nadzri88.7454.7
920.353.526.3 Battle Before The Dawn BeganLukasz Adamowski87.1353.7