Redcoders Frenzy   

The Battle Maniac Round

Organiser: Christian Schmidt


This time it's a Multiwarrior Battle under Low Process Conditions similar to the Battle Royal Tournament organized by John K. Lewis in summer 1996.

Coresize:        8000 
Max. processes:     8  
Max. cycles:    80000  
Max. length:       20  
Min. distance:     20  
Rounds:        3*1000  
But this time for each entry 3 further warriors will be added:

Two imps:
;name imp

mov.i #1, 1
and one Imp-Gate:
;name imp-gate

djn.f  #0, <-10
Two entries per author are allowed.

So, lot of imps and imp-gates will be around the core. A good imp- gate and decrement protection seems a good idea to survive. But with just 8 processes everything could be possible ;-)

I will use Chip Wendells CoreWin 2.2 for this round because it hasn't a 32 warriors limitation for multiwarrior battles.


Overall nine players took a part in Redcoders' Frenzy Round 19th sending 17 warriors. Chip Wendell got again an impressive win with a huge gap to the rest. Here are two short movies of the tournament: Movie1 and Movie2.

#AuthorNameRun 1Run 2Run 3Total%
1Chip Wendell Plaid Clear92.248,275.124,086.874,8254.247,0100.0
2Zul Nadzri Mice Turbo36.574,834.044,031.212,7101.831,540,1
3Sascha Zapf Sphinx36.088,727.793,031.859,295.740,937,7
4Chip Wendell Plaid Vamp23.588,727.439,624.545,375.573,629,7
5Lukasz Adamowski That's silly19.270,820.984,920.371,360.627,023,8
6Roy van Rijn PapLauncher19.080,417.794,121.429,858.304,322,9
7G.Labarga The coffe maker18.303,119.563,118.665,156.531,322,2
8G.Labarga Idiobot19.504,718.174,716.502,554.181,921,3
9Zul Nadzri Mice Clear15.671,715.346,016.472,147.489,818,7
10Sascha Zapf The the13.875,915.236,811.838,640.951,316,1
11John Metcalf through the shadows11.429,812.148,312.085,935.664,014,0
12Achille Astolfi Out of Memory10.475,812.285,611.052,833.814,213,3
13el kauka x-gate 110.493,610.364,410.704,131.562,112,4
14el kauka x-gate 27.101,77.108,87.968,022.178,58,7
15Achille Astolfi Imperfect II5.205,94.735,04.960,714.901,65,9
16John Metcalf From Beyond the Core3.838,64.644,35.008,713.491,65,3
17Lukasz Adamowski Adam3.441,93.848,53.864,211.154,64,4