Redcoders Frenzy  

The Big Lp Round

Organiser: John Metcalf

Round 2 inspired a smaller turnout than the previous round, with 9 authors submitting 17 warriors in all. The warriors played round robin in a large limited process core, with a total of 10000 rounds per battle. 63 hours, 11 minutes and 20 seconds later there emerged a clear winner from the afray, boasting an impressive 61.4% wins.
Janeczek's FragPaper has top spot - being a stone/paper similar in principle to Tempest. A stone/paper also holds second place, this time being Gunnell's Hov Test, closely followed by the first of Hillis's evolved warriors.
A little further down, we find Ford's scanner and Wainwright's paper in ranks 6 and 7. Thorne's vampire takes 10th place. Macrae holds 12th rank with a bomber, however much more interesting is his other entry, a triad of mutually repairing scanners. Finally we have Moore's clear at 14th and WFB's bomber at 16th.

161.415.523.1FragPaperMichal Janeczek207.39100.0
246.316.137.6Hov Test Tiny 4Steve Gunnell176.3685.0
346.818.934.3rdrc_biglp1Dave Hillis174.7584.3
449.233.217.7Bugtown Rap 9Steve Gunnell165.1379.6
548.938.212.9rdrc_biglp2Dave Hillis159.5977.0
646.037.616.4lockdownBen Ford154.3974.4
737.827.235.0pure paperSimon Wainwright148.3571.5
844.741.314.0heLPSimon Wainwright148.2171.5
944.440.814.81hxMichal Janeczek147.8971.3
1041.842.515.7Slimy Time VampPhilip Thorne141.0268.0
1141.744.913.4LoClairPhilip Thorne138.4466.8
1239.753.07.3DB2Robert Macrae126.4161.0
1331.639.528.8MimpBen Ford123.7459.7
1434.762.82.4PinprickDavid Moore106.6451.4
1524.744.930.4In Search of EfficientRobert Macrae104.3750.3
1631.264.44.4DwarfedWinston Featherly-Bean98.0147.3
1718.268.213.6Dwarfed AgainWinston Featherly-Bean68.3232.9

To summarize the stategies used, there are three dat bombers (at ranks 12, 16 and 17) - two each of stone/paper (1, 2), evolved warrior (3, 5), vampire (4, 10), scanner (6, 9), clear (11, 14) - and just one paper (7), stun bomber (8), mirrored imp (13) and self-repair (15).