Redcoders Frenzy  

The Smart-Switching Round

Organiser: Christian Schmidt


This round you have to construct a p-warrior from given components (Cloner II, CLP and Frontwards). However there are some restrictions:

Each entry will fight each other entry in a 2000 rounds fight. There will be no self-fights.
The scoring is one point for a win and no points for tie or loss. Standard '94 rules using the same parameters as the '94 draft hill but with -r 2000.


1. Scoring of the components:

Cloner II wins ~95% against CLP
CLP wins (and brainwash!!!) ~95% against Frontwards
Frontwards wins ~95% against Cloner II

ClonerII ties against Cloner II
CLP ties against CLP
Frontwards win/lose ~50% against Frontwards

2. Some remarks concerning strategies:

Yes, there are a lot of possible Strategies, Counter-Strategies, Counter-Counter-Strategies, etc. ;-)

Please notify: You have to send for this round your entries to

Good luck :-)

The Results:

1622414P-KeyGerman Labarga14792100.0
2452926DoubleTroubleRoy van Rijn1073472.6
3433620R7 2003Michal Janeczek1040970.4
4423820Smart Switcher?John Metcalf1011368.4
5413623PredictableSimon Duff977666.1
6403822Dr.JekyllSascha Zapf955964.6
7393525Mr.HideSascha Zapf947164.0
8373924simple switchingSimon Wainwright880559.5
9364519SoLT and PepperRoy van Rijn875759.2
10363232Wretched ClimateJohn Metcalf860258.2
11313731freedomSimon Wainwright754251.0
12275123PointA3aLukasz Adamowski636743.0
13205723PointA3bLukasz Adamowski489133.1