Redcoders Frenzy  

The Limited-Value Round

Organiser: Christian Schmidt


Round Robin without Self-Fights.
Two Entry's are allowed.
Rounds : 1000
Coresize: 55440
Maxcycles: 100000
Maxprocesses: 10000
Warriors length: 200
Distance : 200

Limitation : entries may only contain values of either -1, 0 or 1 in the compiled Redcode


Well, just check the 3rd IRC Mini Tournament.

Please notify: You have to send for this round your entries to me:

Good luck :-)


Phew, done.....
Due to the fact that ALL of my tournament schedulers always crashed with warriors using p-space on 1000 round fights I decided to reduce the battles to 400 rounds. Sorry.

In all 12 authors submitted a total of 21 warriors. Of these, 4 were evolved and the remaining 17 hand-coded. The hand-written warriors were represented by 8 papers, 2 oneshots, 2 p-warriors, 2 stones, 1 stone/imp, 1 coreclear and 1 scanner.

1561728Number PrisonJakub Kozisek15559100.0oneshot
235 263trial-by-fireSimon Duff13502 86.8paper
337 8551015Lukasz Adamowski13301 85.5paper
432 068Return To The PastJakub Kozisek13194paper
529 368LV PaperJohn Metcalf12363 79.5paper
624 274Kick them all!German Labarga11730 75.4p-warrior
727 766Eliminator - Sp.Ed. IZul Nadzri11719 75.3paper
826 767Eliminator - Sp.Ed. IIZul Nadzri11567paper
9261459PaporOne?Roy van Rijn11047 71.0p-warrior
10221068Binary DingusPhilip Thorne10763 69.2stone/imp
1116 084Tough enoughGerman Labarga10593paper
12344125BackwardsRoy van Rijn10140oneshot
13223247Cavilling ConcocterDavid Hillis 899657.8evolved
147688Modified papierJoshua Hudson861355.4paper
15203940Dogma CarcassDave Hillis8143evolved
162244342Lukasz Adamowski8104coreclear
17112564Bit and BiteB. Cook777150.0stone
1822699CreepB. Cook5894scanner
1994745rnd9-592779Will Varfar563136.2evolved
2085339rnd9-259504Will Varfar5043evolved
21127315LV StoneJohn Metcalf4145stone