Redcoders Frenzy  

Ideas for Future Rounds

The -F Round  (suggested by Christian Schmidt)

first battle: Pmars -r 200 -F 2713
second battle: Pmars -r 200 -F 2713
Each entry fight two 200-rounds battles against each other entry.
With the known -F number you will know where your opponent are at the beginning
of each round. Try to take advantage of it and write your own vicious warrior.

The Giant-Warrior Round  (suggested by Christian Schmidt)

Pmars -r 5000 -l 500 -d 500
Each entry fights against each other entry
With 5000 rounds per battle and the possibility for 500-lines of code it should
be possible to write VERY smart p-warriors.

The Limited-Distance Round  (suggested by Dave Hillis)

Possible with Pmars???
Each entry fights against each other entry
Limited read and write distances would need new kind of strategies. Because your warrior sits inside his own
small world and didn't have a clue what's going on outside.

The Laughing-Loser Round  (suggested by Neogryzor/Mizcu)

Standard '94draft rules
Each entry fights against each other entry and a counter (or something totally different?)
A counter is somewhere in the core, and when something happens with it or the counter counts down to zero it dies. (Alternatively one could use something different. John Metcalf suggested the following: How about a white warrior which clears forward and backward and equal speed. One trick would be to find the end of each clear, forward and backward, then use the info to find the middle.
But always the first one that dies after that wins.
Well, I have still no idea what the best strategy would be to win such kind of round.

The Big-Brother Round  (suggested by Roy van Rijn)

There are 2 known warriors you fight against:
Bully (paper)
Little Brother (weak stone)
The bully is always teasing your little brother, and killing him in the this is your job as a big brother:
Kill the bully and save your little brother!

If little brother dies: 0 points
If all three survive: 0 points
If you and your little brother survive: 2 points
If only the little brother survive: 3 points (an extra point for the sacrifice)
A very specific vampire seems a good idea for this round.

The Pretty-Painting Round  (suggested by Will Varfar)

The competitors can supply n warriors where the offset and colour will be specified (tweak to pmars to allow this)
The judging is purely subjective, by non-corewars people (e.g. people from the general ascii art community, or readers wifes or something)
That would be a perfect fun round ;-)

The Resident-Recruit Round  (suggested by Mizcu)

Rules: Draft '94, use of SPL disallowed. Usage of P-space has not been desided yet.
2 Warriors are put on core at same time. Both warriors have a "pin" , a big number that is different for opponents. With these warriors 8 "civilians" are set. These civilians are simple warriors in form of:

Nop #number ; This numbers should be different from other civilians and pin's
Jmp -1

After this, competitioners fight. At the end of match, the status of each process is checked.
If a process is on top of NOP #number , and the number is same as "pin" of either warrior, the warrior that owns the same pin gets a score from the round. One who gathers the most scores on tournament wins.

Comments (M): This might be hard to accomplish using unmodified Pmars.

Comments (LAchi): Comment: you must let 3 processes on the resident if you want to be sure get the score! (2 processes are not yet enough: think of what would happen if the game stops after NOP #number has been executed by one process and before JMP -1 has been executed by the other process...)

The Coreclear Round  (suggested by LAchi)

The origin of Corewars are about a warm program invading the core, and the opponent had to find all the copies of the warm, destroy them, and finally destroy itself, too.

The idea is that the warrior must not only detect and destroy the opponent warrior, but also perform a coreclear with dat 0,0 after the other warrior dies. The score will be (say) 1 point for each dat 0,0 in the core if the opponent dies, and 0 for ties and loses.

The idea is for one-vs.-one battles; anyway, one can think of a "dirty" dummy warm, and each submitted warrior would fight just against the warm.

Other scoring methods may depend on the percentage cleared; say 5 points if more than 95% of the core is clear, 3 points on 50%-95%, and 1 point for a win but less than 50% of the core is clear; and maybe a superbonus of 5 points if the whole core has been cleared.

This needs a modified mars of course, because the battle must continue after the opponent's death, and the score depends on the values in the core.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome