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Maezumo - The Corewar Evolver with a Twist

August 3, 2009 - Version 1.04 released by Christian Schmidt

July 31, 2009 Version 1.04x7 (WTN)

Modified custom soup display so lines have no spacing
Soup only shows if mutation is enabled

July 29, 2009 Version 1.04cs (packaging)

Added benchmark directories, two sets each for nano, tiny, 94nop and 94x.
Added batch files that run Blassic programs...
 findtop.bat - reads bench score comments and outputs top-scoring warriors
 bench.bat - benchmarks a directory, edit bench.ini to specify parameters
 rebench.bat - re-benchmarks the top warriors output by findtop.bat,
  edit rebench.ini to specify parameters.
Compiled the 1.04cs version source for Windows.

July 28, 2009 Version 1.04cs (Fizmo)

Implement probabilities for the hint modes if running in mode 7
Added new INI setting hint-pur, hint-pap, hint-sca, hint-fra and hint-sto
 for in-evolution adjusting of the hint mode probabilities
Fixed bug in the paper mode in regards of evolving paper/imp 
Optimize the paper mode in regard of complexity  
Change composite into fragment in html generation
Change Maezumo text in warrior generation
Altered fragment hint code

July 24, 2009 Version 1.03x6 (WTN)

Modified display of soup code
Condensed report titles to require less screen space
Writes report to temp file first then copies to index.htm
Added INI setting SoupWins - how many wins needed to mutate

Altered INI files for better organization.
Note... INI files do not contain "SoupWins" setting - default is 0.
Add SoupWins   :1 to require at least 1 win, 2 to require 2 wins etc.
Very experimental and might not make much difference (so hidden for now).

July 23, 2009 Version 1.03x5 (WTN/Fizmo)

Corrected line-end corruptions in a couple places
Incorporated Fizmo's 1.03 Fragment/Stone Hint mods
Added origin/generation info to displayed soup warriors
SDcustom changeable during evolution
Fixed bug in parallel evolution - changed BattleEvoRounds to SoupRounds

Changed to soup mode 5 with SDcustom to █ for solid blocks,
this shows up OK under Internet Explorer (but there's still a flash
and scroll when the page updates, works OK with FireFox).

July 22, 2009 Version 1.02x4 (WTN)

Modified mutation code to avoid changes that result in equivalent code
Added INI setting SDcustom to specify soup display string (display mode 5)
Made so soup display can be used for ring soups too (still rectangular)
Added display of randomly-selected soup warrior when soup display is enabled
Added INI setting SW Display to enable/disable soup warrior display
Fixed bugs in HTML color strings

July 18, 2009 Version 1.02x3 (WTN)

Added new INI setting EnableSeed, if 1 (default) adds hill warriors to soup
Added new INI setting SwapRate (default 0) - chance of swapping lines
Added new INI setting Topology (default 4) - if 0 selects a grid topology
 otherwise specifies maximum distance between battles along ring
Added new INI setting SoupX for width of grid soup (default square)
Added new INI settings SoupDisplay (0 1 2 3 4) to control soup display

July 17, 2009 - Version 1.02x2 (WTN)

Added new INI setting mars to set simulator path/name.
SoupRounds defaults to evo rounds if not specified.
Fixed potential array index issue in MutateSpecies: code.

July 15, 2009 - Version 1.02x1a (WTN)

Fixed so the MinChanges setting is correct (was off by 1).
(a) Added "nop" to the instruction list (for seed/mutation possibilities).

Added Blassic scripts to the tools directory for finding strong warriors.

July 14, 2009 - Version 1.01e1a (WTN)

Added automatic benchmarking, new INI settings EnableBench and BenchDir.
Added tracking of origin, generation and benchscore in warrior comments.
Reworked HTML gen code to show extra info, new INI setting ShowExtra.
Added/modified logic to make somewhat more resistant to INI errors.
Added code to limit hill size to 1000 warriors.
Made so mutation works for all hints, not just pure.
Added code to make it easy to configure OS.
New INI setting SoupRounds to set number of rounds for soup evo.
(a) Made so only *.red *.war and *.rc warriors used from BenchDir

July 9, 2009 - Version 1.01 (WTN)

Modified mutation code that it correctly sets the warrior length.
Modified the pure generation code so all available lines can be used.
This corrects problem when generating nano warriors where the last line was
always a dat $0,$0 instruction. Added code to limit soup size to 10,000 and
warrior length to 1000. Changed exit prompt text and other minor things.

July 6, 2009 - Maezumo v1.00 released by Christian Schmidt

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